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were good long久久久久久一区国产精品

This is a true story that happened to me almost 20 years ago. My wife is 5' 8" tall and about 130 lbs., she is very sexy.Twenty years ago, she was about ten pounds lighter than she is now.My wife has great legs and a sexy ass, but her breasts are normally on the smallish size. My wife and I decided to take a short trip; our oldest child was 11 months old at the time.While we were on our trip our son stayed with my mother in-law. Before we left, I asked my wife if she thought that she would have problems being away from home and not nursing our son for a couple of days.My wife thought that since she was only nursing our son a couple of times a day, that there wouldn't be a problem.It turned out, that my wife was wrong about that.My wife and I went to the mountains, about 200 miles from our home.The first night of our trip we stayed in a motel.The second and last night of our trip we stayed in a log cabin.I don't know why, but my wife always gets hot and horny whenever we stay in a cabin.The morning that we were going to leave the cabin and go home, my wife told me how badly her breasts hurt.My wife's breasts are normally a B cup, but on this morning, they were swollen and extremely firm.I've never seen my wife's breasts as big and full as they were that morning.I don't know for sure, but her breasts were probably two or three cup sizes larger that morning than they are now.I literally couldn't believe how full, and how firm they were that morning.I took a shower, and when I came out of the shower, my wife was watching Designing Women.The ladies on the show were talking about Delta Burke's big breasts. 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And, I'll probably never get the chance to suck on a lactating woman's breasts again, but the memories of the time I had with my wife in that log cabin will never fade from my mind.It was definitely one of the sexiest days that I've ever spent with my wife.I hope you enjoyed the story.Telling it to you certainly brings back good memories to me.


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