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first disbelief久久久久久人妻无码

In our last chapter Kathryn gave birth at the same time as Misty, actually, Misty delivered Marshall Junior or MJ ten minutes before Kathryn delivered Amanda. As we shared our first breakfast together with the newborns, Misty’s father had finally come to accept Misty and Marshall’s marriage. To say he was a little surprised at finding out about his daughter’s wealth would definitely be an understatement. Misty’s parents had struggled all their lives. Carl did not want to see the two go through the same trials as he and Sarah had done. I can understand that, no parent would like to see their child struggling to put food on the table, and barely managing to keep a roof over their head.The Ten of ThemChapter 28Shortly after breakfast, Mom finally managed to make it up to our room. The first thing she did was take Amanda into her arms. I see the love and joy that shined from her face as she held her granddaughter, it was easy to recognize because she had that same love and joy when she held Sam and Crystal for the first time.I noticed Sam and Crystal watching and I pulled them into my lap. Whispering into their ears I say, “See how your Grandma Maggie loves Amanda. She looked at you the very same way the first time she held you.”Sam and Crystal’s faces turn to look into mine. I can already see the tears of joy beginning to flow. I shake my head confirming what I have told them. The two girls throw their arms around each other and me as we hug with their faces against my chest.Kathryn giggles, comes and sits beside us she says, “Can I get a little of that too my beautiful little princesses.”Giggling the girls move so they too can hold Kathryn in a hug that brings joyful laughter to my family. Across the room, Misty is hugging her father as he holds MJ for the first time. Sarah is hugging Marshall, as Uncle George followed by Alyssa and Johnny, finally makes it to the room as well. The rest of the family that had been helping in the kitchen quickly follows them.Kara coming over to us rubs Kathryn shoulder and ask as she looks at her mother who now holds Amanda, “You think it is going to be like this for me?”Kathryn giggles as she stands to hug her sister, looking into Kara’s face she says, “No.” Kara’s face shows her shock at her sister statement. Kathryn quickly says, “You are having twins, both Mom and Dad will have their hands full.” That begins the two sisters laughing as they hug each other.Karen sliding into the hug with her sisters after rubbing Kara’s belly says, “I am going to have so much fun spoiling my nieces, and possibly a nephew or two.” Kara giggles, “I guess I better behave myself when it comes to Amanda. Kathryn, I will probably need your help after all you will have a little more experience dealing with the baby.”Michelle giggles, “You mean you do not remember us diapering her ass.”Maria has been away at college and just managed to return, she is paused outside the doorway listening for a moment. Maria giggles coming up to her sisters says, “Michelle that was mostly me and you. You have to remember Kara was only three years old at the time.”Michelle turns to hug Maria, the other three sisters quickly followed. The four surround Maria until they all back off from her. Michelle is the first to complain, “Damn, Maria you are cold.”Maria looks Michelle in the face and replies, “You walk from the airport and see if you are not half frozen.”Her sisters quickly strip her coat off and hug her again, as Maria still shivers. Joan quickly returns with a cup of hot coffee for Maria. Joan says, “This should help warm you up, it is black but we could get sugar and cream for it.”Maria takes the cup, taking a long sip before she thinks Joan, “Joan thank you. It is perfect because it is hot.”Helen comes to her daughter who is just arrived from college wrapping her in her arms she says, “Maria, I love you. I am glad you managed to make it in, now I can stop worrying about you. You could have stayed at college perfectly safe.”Maria looks at the baby and her father’s arms and says, “What and let you and Dad be the only ones spoiling my baby niece, speaking of which where is my nieces?”Sam excitedly says, “I am here Aunt Maria.”Crystal becoming excited as well says, “Me too, Aunt Maria.”Maria hands her mother the coffee as she extends her arms to her nieces. Both girls jump from my lap into their aunt’s arms. Maria pulls the two close kisses each on their cheek and says, “I missed you two something awful.”The two girls hold tight to her and reply, “We missed you too.” Cindy, Sam and Crystal had become close to Maria over the Christmas break and her them. I think she identified with Crystal the most being the second daughter. It was very hard for Maria to return to school. Maria would often Skype the girls. They would chat for quite a while.Cindy breaks away from Daniel and moves to Maria as well, Maria letting go of Sam and Crystal, takes Cindy into her arms. “How is my oldest niece doing?”Cindy giggles before she replies, “I am doing great aunt Maria. I started homeschooling like Sam and Crystal. It is a lot of fun hanging out with them, but I do miss some friends from school. I do not miss the bullies. I just started the third grade. Sam and Crystal are helping me catch up.”Maria turns to Sam and Crystal still holding Cindy, “I am proud of you for helping each other.”The three girls smile and say simultaneously, “We are family.”Maria smiles saying, “Yes we are.”Coach has given Amanda to Alyssa who has definitely fallen in love with my third daughter exactly as she had with my older two. Coach comes and pulls Maria into his arms saying, “I missed you something crazy.”Maria giggles in her father’s embrace looking into his face she says, “Me too Daddy.”As Kathryn’s hand slipped into mine, I could not help but think what a lucky man I am. The Edwards came into my life and showed me what family is about, the ten of them living and loving each other. In that same moment of realization I realized my father had saved ten lives when giving up his. According to our premonition, Kathryn would become pregnant ten times. Now I knew why I always considered ten to be my lucky number. Another connection to ten, so far we had helped seven of our close friends become millionaires, three more were soon to join us making the total ten.I disbelieve we would stop with the first ten that we help, but possibly ten times ten over our lifetime or more likely the next ten years. Those that we have helped, continue doing the same so in a matter of decades who knows how many will come to have a better life.Our friends Bobby and Mary along with others, now that I think of it eight more, would be in financial ruin if it were not for Kathryn and me. Moreover, so many more with my family’s help have come to have a better life, their businesses now more profitable. Not claiming that we did anything extraordinary, we simply helped where we could. What was the odd thing, we helped others to stand, only to find ourselves standing higher. Our small town has turned around in the few months since we began to help. I know now that some of the people we assisted are helping others either directly or indirectly. Later that morning Kathryn released with a doctor’s appointment in a week. The roads cleared, salted, and life again takes on normalcy. Schools are still out today they will begin on their schedule times after the weekend. Although my life is anything but normal for the next few days, Amanda seems to get hungry every four hours of the day or night. I would awake Kathryn by rubbing on her breast, as her nipple hardened and begin to leak the first few times Kathryn would complain, “You know we cannot do anything just yet.”Amanda would soon stir in her crib and Kathryn wondered how I knew exactly when our daughter was getting hungry. By the second time, Kathryn had figured it out. She only wondered why she lacks the connection to Amanda that I have. The truth was she had the same connection I had, although her mind so busy she did not hear the soft voice that is Amanda’s feelings. Kathryn asks, “JJ, how can you tell when Amanda is hungry and I cannot?”I knew Amanda was getting hungry at that moment, and Kathryn’s mind was abuzz with many thoughts and worries. Perhaps because of my meditation, I kept my mind quiet, which is how I could sense Amanda’s needs. I smile before I tell Kathryn, “Love, you can to if you would just listen. Allow your mind to go quiet do not worry about anything and just listen.”Kathryn looked at me a minute skeptically as I knew she was trying to quiet her mind. Her eyes widened suddenly as she realize that Amanda was hungry. The look of wonder on her face as her mind touched our daughters. She knew Sam and Crystal were both getting hungry as well.Kathryn giggles then says, “I will take care of Amanda, you feed Crystal and Sam.”I chuckle and say, “I will make lunch for us. It should be ready by the time you finish feeding Amanda.”For the girls lunch I made grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, it was still little cool and the girls have been riding their bikes with their Uncle Marshall and Johnny. Misty’s parents were watching Marshall Junior and enjoying her new home.Misty was painting one of her new masterpieces. I simply loved her art. Now that her father come back into her life Misty felt inspired, and was enjoying painting for the first time since leaving her father. Marshall volunteered to take the girls out riding to get Misty some time alone. I was checking on our investments, something I rarely did, Kathryn has taken that over. What I found shocked me, Kathryn and our group was doing far better than I imagined. The Samsons only started three months ago have outpaced what Marshall and Misty had done during their first three months. I smile thinking that they should soon be in a place where, they can retire and even if a major crash in the stock market occurred they would still have enough to easily see them through it.Even now Kathryn was diversifying, she had put a large amount of money into solid assets, silver, gold, platinum, even some diamonds and other precious gems. The rest of the family had followed suit. The joint trust purchased a large piece of land out in the countryside of the upper Midwest. I see where they are paying Daniel to design a large home capable of housing the entire family including my adoptive members. Actually, it looks like Daniel is designing a small community, complete with underground connecting passageways to each of the homes with storerooms and safe rooms. From the blue prints on the computer, it appears as half of the living space is underground, with a large central complex housing a theater, kitchen and several large community rooms.I wonder if we going to spend the winter there sometime. I know Coach Edwards talks about retiring, and Kathryn will not admit it, but she does not want to be anywhere her Dad and Mom is not nearby. I know the kids will probably love the snow, and from the weather reports, the area gets quite a lot. Perhaps that is the reason for all the underground facilities, because they would allow us to be together in bad weather.I look at a satellite overview of the land, is quite isolated a small two-lane road only goes to the edge of the property, a large lake borders one side of the property and it does not look like anyone is developing the area around it.The area that Daniel is developing on the land resides fairly near the road and overlooks the lake. I noticed Daniel’s plans using solar and wind generators to power the facilities. Perhaps that is why the land is undeveloped; there is no power lines near it.When I bought our property, I was not particularly looking for privacy, but now that I am a multibillionaire, I can see where that could be nice. If we develop the land without anyone knowing whom or why, it could be a safe refuge for the family. Locally I am well known and liked, I hope. That could be an issue. When someone told Lester that, a billionaire was getting married at his home he decided to come and see if he could rob the place. His downfall happened when he decided to make some extra money by prostituting out Nicole. Given Nicole’s behavior, I am sure we still could have adopted Sam if Nicole had lived. I mean I would never allow Lester to control Sam for a moment if I could. However, rewriting time is not something I am capable of no matter how much money I have. Therefore, I could never change the circumstances that brought Sam into our lives. Sam coming into our life was in soon enough to prevent Lester’s abuse. That is what I would really change if the opportunity were presented.Over the past months, it has become evident that the only reason Lester and Nicole wanted Sam was from the combined life insurance her parents and grandmother left to Sam. We had recovered ninety percent of that money for Sam. We added it to her trust, and when she turns eighteen, she will gain control of her trust. In the meantime, I will probably get anything Sam desires after all I do love spoiling my girls.Speaking of spoiling my girls, I am making them lunch with tomato soup and grilled cheese, and cooked apples for dessert.The grilled cheese sandwiches has two different types of cheese that melt well together, they give a rich flavor that the girls love. Unfortunately, Misty did not make the tomato soup. I had to substitute canned soup. After a quick phone call to Daniel asking if, he and Kara could join us for lunch as well. Daniel had requested the apples, which I did not have any problem adding to lunch, especially since he volunteered to bring the ice cream. The apples I will serve hot with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top.I expect more for lunch than just Kathryn, Sam, and Crystal. Mom rubs me on the shoulder seeing the stack of grilled cheese sandwiches I am making. She giggles and says, “By the look of that stack of grilled cheese sandwiches you are expecting the entire family for lunch?I chuckle as I reply, “Well the biggest part of the family. Can you stay, please?”Mom gets my chin a caress and says, “Wild horses could not pull me away.” I smile because I knew she was going to stay. I am starting the apples, six sticks of butter with about twelve pounds of apples cored and sliced, nutmeg and cinnamon with a dash of salt. You can add brown sugar when using tart apples, but I am using sweet apples so I leave it out. When the butter melts, I add the apples and spices stir to coat with the butter then cover with a lid. Cooked apples are simple as pie, will you can use them for pie filling too. If there would be any leftover, I might consider that. Once their warm soft and slightly sticky you simply dish them out to a small bowl and then top with the ice cream. The dish is Apple pie à la mode without the crust, which is easier than pie.Sam comes in running and I turned to catch her just in time. I give Sam a squeeze after I have her in my arms. She calls over her shoulder after catching her breath, “Told you Uncle Marshall. Daddy has lunch ready.”Marshall chuckles then says, “You are right Sam, JJ did make lunch for us.”Johnny says, “I am glad Sam was right, Marshall was grumbling all the way back.”Crystal smiles and says, “I knew Daddy was going to have lunch ready too.”I give Sam a peck on the cheek then set her down to take Crystal into my arms and give her a hug as well. I give Crystal a peck on the cheek then set her down to continue cooking. Misty shows up with MJ, Carl and Sarah. Carl has MJ in his arms and from the look on Sarah’s face; I doubt she has gotten to hold MJ yet.Sam and Crystal has gone to the bathroom wash their hands and return. They begin setting the table. I hear Cindy’s voice ask, “Sam do you need any help?”Sam suggests, “Can you put some napkins out?”The three girls work together as Kara gives me a hug. She says, “Daniel will be here in a couple minutes.”I return her hug and then say, “I am glad I made enough.”Kara giggles and says, “You think you did, remember I am eating for three.”Kathryn giggles as she steals her sister, pulls her to the table to sit beside her.Kathryn caresses Kara’s belly and asks, “Have you found out yet what the babies’ sex are?”Kara as she places her hand on top of her sisters she says, “Mom and Dad are coming over, soon Maria and Michelle will be here too. When everybody is here that can get here today I will tell everyone.” Does not take long for the family to arrive and I was correct everyone is there except for Uncle George. Alyssa will take lunch to him, after she learns the news Kara has. I bring a couple large platters of sandwiches, Mom starts dishing out the soup, the girls had put crackers out, along with a couple of the items the family like adding to the soup. Alyssa begins helping Mom before long the table is set and lunch is ready. I give apples a final stir and remove them from the heat. I will leave them in the kettle to retain their heat while we eat lunch.Taking my place beside Kathryn I can feel her impatience waiting for the news Kara promised to share, Daniel finally makes his way to the table and sits down beside his wife. From the expression on his face, he also wants to know what Kara has to say. Kara taking a sandwich dips it into her soup and begins eating before she looks up and sees the entire table waiting for her news. She is surprised and stops chewing for a moment. She quickly eats the bite she has in her mouth. Feeling a little uncomfortable at all the stairs from the family, Kathryn comes to her sister’s rescue by saying, “Let the poor pregnant woman have her lunch. The boys need all the food they can get.”Now giggling Kara shakes her head no to let her sister know her guess was incorrect. Now over her shyness Kara looks at Daniel and says, “I know you want a son...”Daniel quickly says, “I do not care as long as the babies and you are healthy.”Kara giggles again before she says, “The doctor says we are doing fine.”Daniel puts his hand on Kara’s belly and looks into her face with a smile he says, “I am glad my daughters are healthy.” When Kara shakes her head no Daniel’s eyes almost water, his emotions are running so strong. Kara quickly comes to his relief. Kara says, “Kathryn and you are only half right. I am having a boy and a girl.”Daniel quickly throws his wife in a hug gently pulling her out of her chair and into his lap. The two kiss passionately to laughter from the family. Kathryn simply slides Kara’s plate closer to Daniel, after the kiss he still holds her on his lap, he feeds her to the occasional giggle from Cindy, Sam and Crystal.At the end of lunch, I get a large bowl placing the apples with three scoops of ice cream I put it in front of Kara. Her eyes go big as she says, “Thanks JJ, how did you know what I was craving.”With a chuckle I say, “I did not, when I called Daniel to tell him about lunch he asked if I could make apples. He brought the ice cream too.”Daniel chuckles at Kara surprise. In a happy voice he says, “JJ explained to me how he felt when he was getting Kathryn’s cravings. I noticed I was having the same reaction so I asked JJ to make the apples.”Kara again kisses Daniel to laughter from the family. Kathryn and I hold hands as we get an odd sensation from Amanda, Mom has placed Amanda with MJ in the crib together the two babies awoken to laughter now stare into each other’s eyes. It is not as if Amanda is afraid she seems more curious. I lift Amanda out of the crib, once she is away from MJ she begins to cry and he does too. Kathryn lifts MJ when the babies can see each other they instantly stop crying. The two are resting in our arms as we sit side-by-side. As long as the two babies can see each other, they remain calm, but as soon as Kathryn or I turn and the babies are out of sight of each other, they seem to cry for the other.It takes a few more minutes before the two babies fall back to sleep. We lay them back into the crib, and rejoin the rest of the adults. I enjoy some apples and ice cream, but Kathryn waves hers away rubbing her belly saying, “I need to get into that prom dress.”For the life of me, I do not know what she is talking about, even though she just had a baby her stomach seems to be getting flatter by the day. She thinks she needs to lose a few pounds but to me she is perfect. She stands at the same height as her mother now. Even though she was pregnant, she still grew two inches taller during the last year. Kathryn stands five foot six inches. Now that she is breast-feeding her bra size is a thirty-four C cup. Kathryn swims as much as she possibly could, as well as take care of Sam, Crystal and Amanda. We had discussed hiring someone to help, but Kathryn dismissed it saying, “It is not that hard to do after all Mom took care of eight of us.”After lunch, Michael senior pulls me over to speak to me by myself. He begins, “JJ I have some bad news. The school board has decided that your self-defense classes are too much of a liability for the school. After this year, they are discontinuing the classes.”A mixture of emotions run through my mind, first disbelief, then anger, sadness, and concern for the younger girls who will not have a chance at the self-defense classes. I remember back when I first learned from Ms. Clark how my self-defense classes helped the girls that were assaulted. How each of the last three years the number of assaults had steadily dropped, that during this year or so none of the girls that I instructed had been the victim of a sexual assault.The coach explained, “They had a crackpot lawyer call up saying he was going to bring a lawsuit against the school for training their students in a deadly form of martial arts.”I state, “By its very definition martial arts is always deadly, even boxing can be deadly and that is an Olympic sport. When you think of the Olympics you automatically think of gymnastics, track and field, swimming, although martial arts of been well established since the late nineteen sixties. Jujitsu and taekwondo are firmly established Olympic sports. It is a mixture of the two that I teach in my class.”The coach looks at me, “I think that does not matter to them right now, politically they are scared. You can be training Olympic team right now and it still would not matter. I even threatened to quit, and that did not work. They accepted my early retirement.”I am shocked at this news, but a few things seem to fall into place now. “Is that why the family bought the land out of state?”The Coach shakes his head no without saying another word. Kathryn slides her arms around me; it feels good to have her there. Daniel having heard part of the conversation clears his throat then says, “It is not just that reason JJ. I have gotten a couple threads. I turned them over to the sheriff. They managed to track down the person doing the threats. The problem is too many people know that the family is extremely wealthy and where we live. In short, we have very little security here.”Mom joins the conversation, “I worry about the children, if you have noticed one or more of the adults are always with the kids lately. We do not even have a gate, there is very little to slow someone down from grabbing one of the girls. If it was not for Sam’s dreams and you taking them to heart, there is a very good chance those four criminals would have killed most of the family.”The Coach continues, “There is a reason why jewelry stores have security guards. We even thought of having a gate put up down the road, with security on it, but that would not stop people from coming up the river.”Daniel shakes his head and says, “We tried to figure out how to make this place more secure after the threats. What we found out there is not any way of doing that. You know I incorporated safe rooms in all the new houses. I know a safe room is in this house as well, the problem is when you are in the safe room you are trapped. Kathryn said you saw the plans I have been working on.”I shake my head yes and Daniel continues, “We just managed to acquire the land all around the lake, it was undeveloped, even down the road slightly further. The public road ends with a bridge and we owned the land to that point. We will place a gate at the bridge, along with security cameras and barriers to secure the entry of the property.”I ask, “Why did you start all this without asking me?”The Coach takes a deep breath and says, “If we could secured this place, it would not have been an issue. Daniel’s plan was the backup until we discovered there is no way of securing this area. Even the county would not allow us to put up a security gate, even after we offered to pay for the roadway.”Kathryn says, “We have only been working on this for about a month, two weeks ago we purchased the first track of land. We managed to buy the rest of the land that surrounds the lake yesterday. The company that was holding it had plans of developing the land for a resort. A lot of the community believes that is exactly what is going to happen, a resort constructed on that land. I have hired a construction firm from out-of-state to construct the facilities. They have some expertise with underground construction.”Daniel smiles and says, “We can still live here, the new facilities could be used if our security is threatened in some manner. The land we will build several large homes. I have a revised blueprint of the facilities. I have added a common indoor pool, along with a hydroponics section. Part of the land needs cleared, I have added a barn along with a list of agricultural equipment we will need. It will allow us to be nearly self-sufficient if needed.”Shake my head yes before I say, “That sounds like a great idea, we stay here long enough to maintain this is our address each year. Hire a few trustworthy people to maintain the homes here. They can even forward our mail if needed. Now that I will retire again it does not matter where I live at as long as I have my family with me.”A month later Kathryn and I are attending the prom, they always have a few teachers attend the proms. Is not as if the chaperones are there to prevent the kids from going off and having sex, it is more like to prevent the fights. The student body invited Kathryn and I to attend which is slightly irregular.As Kathryn descends the stairs, she astounds me yet again. The expression on my face has her giggling and she says, “Mister Meyer if I did not know better I would think you are infatuated with me.”Smiling in my new tuxedo, I say, “Mrs. Meyer I am definitely in love with you. You are the most beautiful woman in the world to me.”Sam descends the stairs in a beautiful dress that matches Kathryn’s dress. Her hair pulled back from her face but falls over her shoulders. I smile brightly at my daughter and say, “Oh look here my Princess is all dressed up for the ball.”Next to come down the stairs is Crystal she too is in a beautiful dress that matches Sam and Kathryn’s dress. Smiling brightly at my second daughter I said, “Both my beautiful princesses are all dressed up and ready for their first ball.”Mom’s there to take pictures this will probably be the last time that Kathryn and I go to a school function. I seriously doubt that any of my children will attend high school. Sam only attends my self-defense classes to complete her physical education required by her homeschool. With the school board, discontinuing the self-defense classes they will have to find a new general physical education instructor. Daniel has been working with the construction firm. They have broken ground and have given us an estimate of completion barring any major changes we are looking at around twenty-eight months until the facilities are completed. That would be another reason why my daughters will not attend high school, when we move it will be to disappear from public life.We take my SUV and arrive at the prom. I help my wife and daughters out to prevent wrinkling their dresses I lift them by the waste and set them on the sidewalk. Sam and Crystal giggle as I spin them around before setting them down. We happen to be one of the first to arrive, we will probably be among the last to leave.We just made our entrance when a beautiful looking Kara and handsome Daniel enter the prom. Kara at five months along is definitely showing. The photographer takes three pictures of Kara and Daniel, one with Kara in profile showing off her belly bulge. Daniel had his hand over Kara’s belly with their wedding bands clearly displayed. The photographer took one photograph of Kathryn and me, together then one with the girls in front of us, one with the girls by themselves and together.We find our table, of course for sharing it with Daniel and Kara the tables arranged to seat six. Deborah and Jim have the table next to us. As a song starts, Sam and Crystal take to the dance floor and Kathryn and I join our daughters. Only a few moments later Daniel and Kara join us as well. After the third song, we return to the table, although Daniel and Kara remain on the dance floor. Quite a bit more people have arrived all looking lovely and their formal attire. Jim and Debs finally arrived nearly a half an hour late. I know he left quite a bit earlier than we did. Debs looks stunning and Jim smiles brightly as they dance on the dance floor together. As that song ends, Kara and Daniel make their way back to our table. Jim and Debs arrive Debs is very excited and as she sets she displays her left hand which now has a beautiful engagement ring. The diamond sparkles catching Kara and Kathryn’s attention. As Debs shows her ring off to them, Jim announces I like to introduce you to the future Mrs. Deborah Sampson. Although Jim is on the Junior varsity team, he decided to go ahead and graduate this year. This summer he will train with his father and us, he wishes to be a stock trader. He has already completed his GED, but will attend his normal classes until graduation and the student counsel allowed him to go to the senior prom.Joan comes by she happen to be at the table next to us, along with Johnny and Janet, and Jim and Debs. Joan actually does not have a date for the evening, Joan and Johnny are both seniors, they pass through a few grades early in California. Joan as the newest senior of her class it is a little hard for her to find someone. Although she is, quite attractive with her dark brown eyes, strait black hair just pass her shoulders, and a light bronze complexion. Unfortunately, most of the senior boys have coupled up by this time. The few that have not have been are biting for her attention but she has very little interest in them.Johnny a senior too, is Janet’s date, Janet is a freshman perhaps that is why he was able to get her to come. Nevertheless, he does seem taken by Janet, Jeremy’s granddaughter. I have gotten to know Janet pretty well from classes; she also helps occasionally with the charity and holds an internship there. I smile thinking Johnny could not do much better, as the two walk hand-in-hand to the dance floor they seem to be made for each other. Janet chose well for her ball gown, it works well with her hair color. I really had not paid much attention to Janet earlier; although she seems to have highlighted her hair for the prom other than that, she is her same self. Janet like most people from this area is a mixture typically of English, and Scotch Irish descent along with Cherokee, a tribe of Native Americans. Janet has Auburn hair with strawberry highlights. She stands about five foot six inches average for her age and heritage. She has warm brown eyes that nearly look golden in the sunlight. The tight lines of her gown show off an attractive athletic figure.Joan would say, “I am not sure if they are interested in me, my looks or my money. The boys at high school seem to be so shallow.”Kathryn empathized, “I was the luckiest girl around I had JJ, maybe you should ask one of my older sisters for advice. They are all very attractive so they know what you mean by them being interested only in the way you look.”Joan gets a slightly devilish look and ask, “You think we can share JJ tonight?” Seeing Kathryn’s shocked expression she giggles and continues, “Just dancing. I expect Jim and Johnny to dance with me a few times as well.”Kathryn begins giggling along with Joan and Kara before she shakes her head yes but warns, “You know how the rumor mill is around here. If you can deal with it, I do not have a problem.”Joan shakes her head says, “School is the same no matter where you are at.” Kathryn shakes her head yes to that.During the prom the first few hours I spent dancing with Kathryn, Sam and Crystal mostly, I did dance three times with Joan and even once with Kara as Daniel danced with Kathryn. During the dance with Kara, she asks me, “JJ did you ever think what would have happened if I had come to the mailbox the day you met Kathryn?”I chuckle for second before I say, “Quantum physics makes my head hurt, but I am sure there is a universe where that happened. They may be a universe where we are married; anything that can occur will generate a new universe with a different timeline. Yes I did think of it, but I hate to tell you this I am glad you stayed inside.”Kara with a giggle says, “Actually I am too. Kathryn is happier than anyone that I know, except maybe me. I do not know about any other universe but in this one we are with who we are meant to be with.”Smiling at my sister’s wisdom I say, “I have to admit, you are a genius Kara.”Kara dancing us closer to Daniel says, “Why thank you brother, you do know it runs in the family.” Kara and Kathryn switch partners during the dance and I pulled my wife close to me.After we spin across the dance floor a little bit Kathryn asks, “What did you and Kara talk about?”Whispering into my beautiful wife’s ear I say, “Quantum physics, and I have to admit Kara has the best grasp on the subject. She told me in this universe we are with whom we are meant to be with.”Kathryn giggles and says, “My sister is a genius.”Chuckling I say, “It runs in the family, I could not do better if I had tried. I have a beautiful wife who is a genius at finance; I have ten brothers and sisters, geniuses all.”Kathryn smiles brightly and says, “The ten of them will appreciate your confidence in them.”I had not thought but there is another connection to ten, Kathryn’s four sisters and three brothers, Joan, Johnny, and Marshall. However, my family is quite larger than that now with the Coach and Helen, Mom, Uncle George and Alyssa, MC, Misty, Daniel and all the kids. I am sure it is far from finish growing. Kara will have twins the summer. Moreover, it would not surprise me if Michelle, MC, Maria, Joan and Karen would get married shortly and start families. Kathryn’s three brothers all have fiancés and life plans that take them away from us, but no farther than a phone call or flight.Michael Junior has decided to continue his education and become a medical doctor. Mark also wishes to become a doctor but have not decided which field. He is leaning towards pediatrics saying the family growing so large will need a full-time pediatrician. Eddie has decided to go into engineering, and he has taken the fast track at college not taking the summer semesters off. Maria will be finished this semester; although I am unsure what she majored in, I think it was early childhood education. I know Maria loves children. Sam Crystal and Cindy all love their aunt Maria.Overall, my family is quite diverse in their pursuits. Misty is an artist of renowned, after all Lloyd’s of London appraised her work, Change, for three quarters of a million dollars. Misty’s other works was appraised nearly as high. Daniel is an architect and proving to be in very high demand. Kara so far has helped Daniel in his practice, is a natural born interior designer, and her eye for style and function has helped Daniel rise to the top. The two of them fit together like excellently cut puzzle pieces; they complete each other with their talents.Michelle, supplements the business sense my mother needs, the two of them have renovated a second and now started a third theater, they are adding a multiscreen theater at our mall, the old one close down several years ago. Now with the upturn in the local economy Michelle feels that the need for entertainment has grown sufficiently to support a larger theater. Michelle has Daniel and Kara with Mom’s oversight working on the blue prints, and construction should start in a couple months.MC, Michelle Collins is a columnist of renowned, and now an author of one of the best-selling children’s books in the last two decades. Her fairytale a Samantha and her Prince Daddy is in its third publication each larger than the last, and seems to sell out of stores faster than they can arrive. It is both sad and sweet and ends like a true fairytale with everyone living happily ever after.Someone once asked me, “With all that money why not just retire and do nothing, raise your kids living off all that wealth?” I chuckle as I replied, “It is a lot more fun helping others, you know that good feeling you get when you have actually done something good for someone, like giving firewood to a poor old woman to help keep her warm. You will find yourself having a warmer life for the giving. If I stopped, become selfish and miserly, I am sure I would not be the only one who suffered.”Here is the truth, whether we want to admit it or not, every single one of us are connected. What we do eventually will come back through that connection. Good or bad it will return through our interconnectivity, no matter what your belief, we all still have that connection. No man is an island, we all suffer when one of us suffers, most people ignore that,免费a级毛片高清在钱 are too numb from their own self-centeredness, too engrossed in our own problems to even realize how connected we are to our family, to our community, to our nation, to our world, and the universe as a whole.If you do not believe that try this simple exercise, do without everything that someone other than yourself has created, manufactured or produced.Use only what you have made from raw materials, such as wood from trees you cut, steel from ore and coal that you mined, clothing from the wool from sheep you have shepherded. I hope you see my point now, in this modern life were even more dependent on each other, even a hundred years ago our great-grandfathers were nearly as dependent on each other, even a thousand years ago it was the same. Truly and no time in our history as a species we have been independent, we have always depend on others to help us survive.In truth that is a strength, our interdependence if we recognize and embrace it. I do not have to accomplish everything for my survival; I can depend on others to help me survive. Once we work together realizing our interdependence, our interconnections life truly could become better for all.I do not know why musings come to me like that. It is something about being near Kathryn that brings that out. I know for sure my wife is my life. The two of us are so connected and that makes us so dependent upon the other. Maybe that makes it easy for me to see on outward, realize how dependent we are on others.The plans Kathryn has for this evening are no surprise to me. That does not mean I do not appreciate them, and love her for the effort. Even the effort she went into trying to conceal them, to make it a surprise. I know in about ten minutes Daniel and Kara will take Sam and Crystal home for the night. Leaving Kathryn and I alone, she is even arrange for Amanda to be taking care of by Misty until noon tomorrow.No wonder Kathryn had such a shocked expression when Joan asked if she could share me this evening. Kathryn’s plans for tonight have nothing to do with sharing me, tonight is going to be just us. Kathryn’s Doctor has just given her clearance for us to resume our sexual activities. Kathryn wanted to make it extra special, like our second first night together, as a married couple Kathryn become pregnant on our first day together as husband and wife.It seems like in this universe our children are in a hurry to be with us. It is not that I mind that, I just hope Kathryn’s body is not adversely affected. We do our best to ensure we get adequate nutrition, a good multivitamin every day, a balanced diet, and suitable exercise to maintain our weight. I do want Kathryn to wait a while between pregnancies, it is not that I dislike how her body changes or having a house full of small children. We adopted Sam and Crystal, and Amanda was born all before our first anniversary, they are our Princesses. Most young couples never deal with having three children before their first anniversary. Kathryn and I seem too stride it easily, although sometimes I do wish I had Kathryn to myself for a moment or two longer. However, we would never give up our three girls for anything.Going back to the table just before Sam and Crystal leave for the night, I take each of them up giving them a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. I quietly whisper in their ear, “Be good for your Aunt Kara and have a good night.”Kathryn punches me lightly in my arm and pulls me back onto the dance floor. As we begin a slow dance, now later in the evening the DJ is playing a lot more slow dance music. I do love holding my wife close to me. Kathryn looks up into my face and asks, “How long have you known?”I answer, “Just tonight, when Joan asked if she could dance with me.” I did not want to use that word share, just in case it was overheard. I do not care about the rumors, but I am not going to help start one.Kathryn giggles looking into my face she says, “I guess I thought a little loud right then.”Kissing below my wife’s ear on her neck that sends shivers down her spine. I think to her, (I love it when I hear you think. It only proves how connected we are.)Kathryn has a devilish smile as she thinks. (You understand that you cannot keep a secret from me either. I know that you kept from laughing at hearing Joan ask to share. Is that when you found out?)Answering Kathryn’s thoughts, I think to her. (Yes, that is when it came to the forefront of your mind. You were able to keep it away from me until that moment. I know there are certain things that we can hide from each other for a short time. Kind of like this.)I reach into my pocket finding this small ring I had placed their earlier tonight. It is a birthstone ring, not Kathryn’s birthstone but our children so far. The gems are in order, Samantha’s, Crystal’s and then Amanda’s birthstones. I slide it onto the ring finger of her right hand. She smiles at the gift.Kathryn giggles in her mind, and her thoughts say. (I love it, but I knew about it for a week.)Now chuckling aloud I say, “I was not trying to hide it, just waiting for the perfect moment to share it with you.” (I have had it for two weeks, and special ordered it for a month before. I was far away when I did that. When we are physically connected is much easier to hear your thoughts.)Kathryn’s thoughts dance between us, (oh well I guess I will just have to make sure, I never do anything I do not want to share with you.)My thoughts respond to Kathryn’s thoughts. (My Love there is nothing I do, or will do that I am unwilling to share with you, because I am yours and yours alone.)Kathryn smiles brightly, and her thoughts reply. (I am too my love, yours and yours alone, except for our children.)The music changes, it is a shag tune, Kathryn and I know how to dance to this music, and we automatically move into the steps that the song and dance requires. Not that many students know how to do the steps in the dance floor rapidly clears. Shortly after the song began, Kathryn and I find ourselves alone on the dance floor and a spotlight begins to shine upon us. Kathryn and I moved together as we have danced together for decades. We move knowing where the other will be and synchronize our movements to each other and the music. As the song ends, the students still there give us a standing ovation.It is getting later in the evening, and the king and queen of the prom are crowned. The student body applaud the two, like most high schools the prom King is one of the senior football players and a nice person if you asked me. The prom queen a senior cheerleader and the two have been going out for over a year now. After the prom King and Queen exit the stage, the student president requests my presence on the stage along with Kathryn. Kathryn and I are both at a loss as to why we being asked to the stage. As we stepped onto the stage hand-in-hand, the student body president presents Kathryn with a bundle of red roses, which happens to be one of the school colors. Rachel Edmon our current student body president announces, “JJ and Kathryn Meyer graduated last year as their student body co-valedictorians, and over the summer they wed, have adopted two young girls, and have a daughter of their own just born two months ago. That alone is a lot to accomplish in their first year as newlyweds. Only a few months after the wedding Mister JJ Meyer return to our school not as a student but as an instructor.” There is a round of applause before Rachel continues, “JJ and Kathryn are a beloved fixture of our high school, and Kathryn has volunteered and spent many hours in our study hall helping many students. Mister Meyer has also spent some time there during his free period. Samantha Meyer although very young is a member of our self-defense class here at this high school.” On the screen they display the video of Sam given me a toss from that first day that she attended my class. “What Mister Meyer has taught us from many of his examples, is that nothing is impossible. Sam his daughter, a quarter of his weight and half his height as you saw just tossed him for a loop.” They replay the video allowing it to play until Sam jumps onto my chest, and asked if I was okay. The auditorium fills with laughter. After allowing some time for the laughter to die down Rachel continues, “Unfortunately, this will be the last year that Mister Meyer will be able to share his wisdom with us. The school board has unwisely decided to terminate these classes. At this time with like to file a petition on behalf of the student body with the school board to continue Mister Meyer’s self-defense classes and employment.”The auditorium fills with “I’ll sign” being shouted for many students simultaneously. I am not sure if I want to hug every one of them, or tell them it is no use we have already exhausted most possibilities at this point. The school had been a huge part of Kathryn’s life, there is many pictures of her as a toddler on the sidelines or in the stands. Occasionally on her father’s shoulders as he ran practices. I look at Kathryn who has tears running down her cheeks, and I know this is painful for Kathryn.With my hand in Kathryn’s hand, I communicate to her. (You know this is not about a crackpot lawyer that is just an excuse the school board is using for us. It is really about our wealth and how makes us a target, the threats Daniel received more likely are the cause.)Not taking her eyes from the crowd Kathryn responds to me. (That is what started it all, us trying to secure our homes. The school board realized if we were secure at home, the only place they could get to us is at school. They asked Dad to retire early for the same reason. Our wealth makes us a target and they fear collateral damage.)Communicating telepathically is different. The feelings and images communicated along with what you wish to say, is like reading someone’s facial expressions times ten. (I wish you would told me sooner, I might have made the wrong decision if I had not sensed there was something more.) There was a little bit of anxiety, that my wife would deny the truth from me communicated as well.Kathryn turned to me looking into my eyes apologizing mentally, (sorry my love.) Along with her apology, I felt Kathryn making the decision, never again hide anything from me.Telepathy is something new to Kathryn and me, I think to everyone on the planet. Who knows as humans continue to evolve it may become quite a bit more common. The chances up to telepaths finding each other and falling in love have to be extraordinary. After all seven billion persons alive today, how many of those are telepathic, no one is certain. I flash a few images of what I am going to do to Kathryn tonight, and I can feel her body respond. I glance down her body to see her erect nipples for confirmation.I come to a decision, and I realize it is for the best of the students that I leave, as quietly as possible.I raise my hands, and then take the microphone from Rachel I say, “I am honored that you feel so strongly. Humbled by the fact that you feel my presence is a necessity. Unfortunately, there is more to the situation, which I cannot share; it is for the best of the students that my tenure here ends. That does not mean the self-defense classes need too. I will work with the school board to see if they can continue. I would appreciate if the students wish for those classes to continue that you petition for that.”A subdued Rachel retakes the microphone and states, “The petitions will be ready Monday for everyone to sign. I wish everyone a good weekend, and want to see everyone here Monday. Drive safely.”Rachel looks a little depressed so I asked her if she could speak with us for a moment. I make sure the microphone is off before I begin, “Rachel, the real reason the school board decided that my tenure here be terminated is for the best of the students. They fear that I being here could bring to the school an attempt by criminals to kidnap either me, or one of my family. I will not endanger a single student if I have it in my power. There have been a few threats directed at my family, fortunately none directly at me or the school so far. The school board is correct. I just wish they would have been more open in the true reason behind their decision.”Rachel looking at me with understanding says, “I had a feeling that story about a lawyer threatening to sue was a little thin.”I pass on a little wisdom I learned from my law firm by saying, “Lawyers never threatened to sue; they either sue or keep their mouth shut. If you are going to sue someone it is best to do it with as little notice as possible.”Rachel asked me, “Are you okay with leaving?”Kathryn and I still hand-in-hand and I say, “Leaving is going to be painful, the school’s been a very large part of my family’s life. It is not something that I would wish to happen, but I know we do not live in a perfect world. Things like this occur because of that.”Rachel being a smart student says, “It is not often that you can get an education from a billionaire, I am very glad to have known you Mister Meyer.” Smiling I say, “I will see you Monday, have a great weekend.”Kathryn holding to the roses and one hand, her arm in mine on the other side we go back to our tables to wish everyone a good night. After those announcements, the party seems to be over anyway. Even the DJ is playing a last few songs as he begins to gather his equipment prepping for his departure.Joan is still at the table beside us. Jim and Johnny have left with their dates. Kathryn gathers her purse and checks the table for anything we left behind. I asked Joan, “Do you need a ride home?”Joan looking around says, “Maybe just a ride to my car I am near the back of the parking lot, I noticed you are parked upfront.”Kathryn giggles and says, “Sure Joan, let us make sure those rumors really are flying by Monday.”Joan laughs, “At least it will have me with a decent guy, better than the last few rumors about me.”As we walk out I laugh, “The best thing about being a teacher is you never hear a single rumor. The worst thing is every student seem to gossip about the teachers more than each other.”Continuing her laughter Joan says, “So you are saying you guarantee a rumor about us will get started.”By the time, we reach our car we pass several people, some of the young men shake hands with me and they communicate that they wish I could stay as their coach for the junior varsity football team. Our junior varsity did very well this year. They know that is going to help the varsity team out because success breeds success.I know more than a few students are watching as I help Joan into the back seat of my SUV. I wonder if they will even watch me drive her to her car before the rumors begin to fly. As I drive around to the back of the parking lot, I can just hear some of the rumors by Monday. I wonder if they are going to have Joan pregnant by me, or Kathryn. Kathryn is reading my mind again and laughs at the thought of her getting Joan pregnant. When she asked mentally, (how would that be possible?)(Flashing the image of me filling her pussy with my seed, then her and Joan press each other’s pussies together, Kathryn pushes the excess out as Joan reaches climax, my seed running from Kathryn than is milked into Joan’s pussy as she orgasms.)Kathryn giggles in her mind and thinks; (maybe in a few years I might let that happen.)My mind screens, (WHAT?)Kathryn is laughing aloud now, Joan asked, “What is so funny, I swear you two have been acting weird all night.”Kathryn still breathing hard from her laughter says, “I may show you in a couple years. However, for now it is going to stay between JJ and me.”Chuckling in my head I think, (I do not think so. It is just an explanation of how the rumor could work.)Kathryn flashes me a devilish smile as Joan gets out of the car shaking her head, from Kathryn’s mind I hear, (I think you like the idea, and I know it got me wet.)We wish Joan good night just before we let her drive away first. On our way home, I tell Kathryn, “We have to be careful about what we think. I mean just look at what I was thinking, if we was to impregnate Joan, what the rest of the family would assume. They would never be able to picture it happening that way.”Kathryn says, “It is just a fantasy, not something that we really have to do.”I think that is the first time that Kathryn and I shared a fantasy, even though it was from my imagination. I am just glad Kathryn knows I really do not fantasize about anyone else but her. I mean she is the love of my life, and I would never do anything to betray that.Kathryn with another devilish grin reaches over catches my hand as it rests on the consul. My mind is full of images that Kathryn is fantasizing. My body reacts immediately, it is hard to drive with my dick that damn hard. I am tempted to pull off the road even though we are only few more minutes from pulling into my garage. Kathryn’s fantasy begins with her given me a blowjob, and then her guiding my rock-hard member into Joan. I am fucking Joan and she repeatedly has orgasm after orgasm. Once my balls tighten and I explode. Kathryn rolls me off Joan to dive in and lick her leaking pussy. While Kathryn is licking away, I moved behind her to push my cum covered cock into Kathryn. I orgasm, as the two of my lovers orgasm, we lay separately on the bed until Joan begins to lick Kathryn’s leaking pussy, and I get behind Joan to begin the process anew.As I am covering the remaining distance back to our home, my mind is awash with emotions. I have looked at Joan as a sister for a number of years now, although she is very attractive I never imagined her as a sexual partner. Kathryn’s fantasy has me thrilled and offended at the same instant. I am actually a little hurt that my wife would think I would so easily brushed aside my promises. That is exactly what a marriage vow is, a solemn promise. Kathryn’s hand setting on mine, she is looking at my face as I drive. I cannot help but feel the concern now building in her.Kathryn says, “My Husband, my Love I was just doing what you did. I am sure that is what our family will think if Joan becomes pregnant with your child.”Still some distance from our home I slow down and stopped, and then look into my wife’s face. I can feel the annoyance in her at the delay but it is something I need to say, “My Love, I do not need to be with anyone else but you. I do not know why we had the gifts that we have now.I never want to do without them. They give me an advantage over every other man. I will confess, your fantasy is arousing, but at the same time disturbing. The problem is I might be able to accept you and Joan are another female with me. However, when I picture you with another man those images in my mind are very painful. I could not allow myself, or us to be with another woman, when I could not allow you to be with another man. The other problem I see is that no matter how I tried to work it through someone always will get jealous. Which will lead to hurt feelings, and it will never end well.”For a moment, Kathryn is a fourteen-year-old girl she sticks her tongue out at me playfully. With a giggle she says, “I am sorry I ever thought of it. It does have you rock hard.”Not wanting to say it aloud, as I begin driving home again, chuckling mentally, I think to Kathryn (that is because your fantasy had you licking another woman. I think every man is excited by that, it is just universal for men, as if ingrained in our DNA. Besides that, I was getting to make love to you while you were doing it.)Mentally Kathryn responds, (Oh, is that all? Blame that on your DNA. If I did not want to be with another man sexually, could we try being with another woman?)There some things you can do mentally that you could never do with the spoken word adequately. I used Kathryn’s fantasy as a reference. I start with Joan on the bed and Kathryn guiding my hard cock to her wet slit. Halfway to it my cock softens in Kathryn’s hand. I replaced Joan with MC, then her sisters, her mother, and my mother always the same results ending up with me apologizing. I then place Kathryn on the bed, a man began fucking her, allowed Kathryn to fill my distress at the image. Finally I communicate (you see I just cannot deal with giving you the right to be with someone else. Besides that, every woman that I pictured I love as a member of my family.)Kathryn smiles, blushing she says, “I get it now. You are just going to try to fuck me to death.” Giggling at my shocked face she says, “I know, your mine and mine alone, and you will never want to be with another woman.”I barely stop in time to miss the bike left in the driveway. I am looking at Kathryn as she begins to rub her breast, I warn, “You are going to get those things leaking and there is no baby to nurse tonight.”Opening the SUV door Kathryn giggled and says, “I know I am going to get them leaking, but tonight it is not the baby I will be feeding.”Were only a few feet short of putting the SUV away for the night, but I am in a very big hurry to help my horny wife. Not wanting to take the time, I follow my wife into the house locking the SUV with the remote.Once through the front door there is a trail of clothing leading away from the doorway. They lead downstairs and I follow picking them up as I remove my own. In the home theater, Kathryn is now completely nude me finding her prom dress in the doorway. My last piece of clothing joins hers in one of the seats. Kathryn is in the front row begging me to come forward. She pushes me into a chair and straddles me not waiting for any more foreplay. Foreplay is not what my wife needs at this moment. Her pussy is so wet she sinks right down to the base of my cock. With the smile she complains, “Damn, you are so big.”Kathryn kisses me once then straightens enough to push one leaking breast into my mouth. Of course, I do what comes naturally grab Kathryn’s hips and thrust up as my mouth feels with her milk. I swallow the delicious fluid that my wife produces. I have always loved mother’s milk, and I still can remember what my Mom’s milk tasted like. Kathryn is actually a bit sweeter than mom’s milk. I nurse as I fuck my wife. Kathryn giggles, “I wanted you to do that as much as you have wanted to do it.”I would have to release her breast if I could not tell Kathryn what I needed to say. Fortunately, for me my wife can really read my mind. (I will not have to be jealous of Amanda anymore. I got a feeling I will be, she will get this great tasting milk of yours all the time.)Kathryn giggles and she thinks, (if Amanda bites when she starts getting her teeth, I will wean her. I trust you are not going to bite. If you do not bite, I might not ever wean you.)I take a hard draw as I nearly pull out and begin pushing back in. Kathryn’s breast quivers from the pleasure, the amount of milk coming from it nearly doubles. I see from my peripheral vision her other breast drips heavier. Kathryn places her hand under the dripping breast and gathers a handful of her milk. I think this might be the first time that Kathryn actually tastes her own milk, as she raised it to her lips drinking the handful she had. She again places her hand under the leaking breast. Giggling Kathryn says, “I never thought I would actually drink my own milk. However, I can see why you like it.”I have the since Kathryn needs to be fucked harder and faster, and I began to do that as I nurse as quickly as I fuck, the lack of sex has got me nearly to my own climax after only a few minutes. Sensing how close I am Kathryn raises up off me and her mouth replaces her cunt. A few strokes and I cannot hold back as Kathryn’s tongue wraps around my head tickling the sensitive nubs. Kathryn swallows once her mouth is unable to hold more. Still more comes from my neglected organ. More than her mouth will contain, she swallows all the excess not willing to lose any. As my cock twitches its last small squirt into Kathryn’s mouth, she sucks. With the last from my orgasm in her mouth, she stands displays the large mouthful of cum. Kathryn closes her mouth before she swallows the last bit now.We have not even done that since the baby came, one reason was the lack of privacy, the second if we went that far we both would have been unable to stop both wanting more, needing more from the love of our life.Kathryn giggles, “Theater down, I think that finishes the basement, now let us go break-in another room.” I lift Kathryn up into my arms holding her so I can get the breast that still drips. She giggles as I nurse while carrying her. Straight into the elevator, into the kitchen and our formal living room before I set her down. Kathryn’s hand is up and down my shaft as my semi hard cock regains its rigidity. Once it is stiff, Kathryn again impels herself and offers her breast to me again. Coming here I only managed to nurse enough to reduce the pressure so it was not dripping quite so quickly.As before Kathryn sinks onto my shaft her breast practically squirt it delicious fluid into my mouth. Kathryn exclaims, “Oh JJ I needed this. I know you love me but my body needs to have you in me.”Again not wanting to cease nursing to communicate I think, (I love you, and I need this as badly as you do. I need it to be always you. You are the love of my life.)Kathryn pushing down on me takes all my cock into her tight pussy, I can feel it pass her G spot, and how the ring of my head rubs a crossed as it slides through with the slight gap caused by my super hard cock. The sensation is wonderful, and I pulled back and rub across it several times causing Kathryn to have a small orgasm. Kathryn moans, “Oh fuck yes.”As I pushed all the way in to her cervix the pleasure only increases, as my pelvis buffs against her clit, the head of my cock massaging her cervix causes a second and stronger orgasm. I pull back and use long strokes as her breast pulses milk with each of her spasms. My mouth readily consumed each pulse and sucks begging for more. Kathryn’s pussy is milking me as it is begging for my cum, I am sure tonight I am going to give her plenty. Just not yet.I continue my nursing and long deep strokes that push firmly against Kathryn each time I bottom out. Each time I do her breast pumps milk into my mouth, and her other breast begins dripping again. We probably would not need a breast pump just something to catch the milk each time we made love like this. Kathryn is getting close this time her hands wrap around her breasts. Knowing what will occur if she squeezes I pick her up fully impaling her. I walk to the elevator in the process our bodies grinding together brings Kathryn to full orgasm. Her breast squirt milk into my chest, as her pussy explodes in one massive squirt that leaves a puddle in the floor the elevator.Kathryn continues to orgasm as I practically run to get us to the bed before the milk drains all the way down my chest. Slowing just enough so we do not impact the bed and interrupt our pleasure. I lay down with Kathryn atop me. The milk begins draining over my ribs and drips onto the bed. I think my God how much milk is in this woman.Kathryn giggles as she raises up slightly allowing her breast to come clear of my chest. Grabbing one with both hands, she squeezes and squirts milk into my face. I open my mouth the catch as much as I possibly can. Laughing Kathryn says, I been holding my milk all evening. I really need you to give me some relief. I done everything I could do not to think about it, that way it is a surprise. I pull Kathryn closer to me in the process my mouth surrounds the breast in Kathryn’s hands. With my mouth full of her nipple and areola, I suck hard, and her milk flows quickly filling my mouth again. I trap and massage the nipple against the roof of my mouth using my tongue to stroke it. Kathryn has tremors that begin in her nipple, run down her body, and shake my cock still buried in her vagina. The more I massaged her nipple the more her vagina massages my cock.Her breast finally gives up this warm very sweet cream, and I know that it is the end of the milk coming from that breast. I move to the other breast and treated the same way. My reward is a massaging pussy that milks my cock keeping me rock hard. I do not want to cum in her pussy until I get the chance to lick a clean. Kathryn’s second breast eventually gives me that sweet cream as well. I can feel the relief in her as it flows into my mouth.Now with her pussy still full of my cock but her breasts relieved of their burden I simply tease her nipples until I feel her squirt onto my cock once more as an orgasm takes her. I move Kathryn onto her back and move down her body. Milk glistens on her and it had ran all the way into her neatly trimmed heart-shaped bush. Written just to the right of it is JJ’s; running my tongue through it causes Kathryn to giggle. It taste like her milk and I am tempted to suck the milk from her bush. Below it, there is good clearance between the tip of the heart and her erect clit. My tongue avoids direct contact to her clit and traces the outer lips of her labia, her labia is wide open and her opening slightly gaping, it seems to open and close with her breathing. I can feel the longing for something to fill her. My Love needs for me to be inside her once more. I slide two fingers in, it helps but I know what she really wants.I lick her thighs, her girl cum is out further than that, but I can since her impatience. Quickly cleaning the area, my tongue runs up the inside of her labia between the inner lips and practically digging into the bottom of her love channel. I finally wrap my mouth around that gorgeous clitoris Kathryn has. Massaging it with my tongue after trapping it between my lips, I give her clit a blowjob as my fingers massage her G spot. Only a second or two after I began Kathryn screams her approval, “Fuck yes! I cannot believe I lived six months without this.”I think to myself, her pussy tastes as good now as the first time I licked it. I really do not appreciate the time without it too, but this great taste makes up for a little. I slide my tongue in over my fingers gain a great taste of her cum from inside of her pussy. Kathryn grabs the hair of my head lifts me off her pussy, Kathryn practically screams, “You can do that all you want tomorrow. Tonight you are going to make me so sore that is all you going to be able to do tomorrow.”Feeling my wife’s urgency that her need is met, I pushed back into her in one long slow stroke that causes her nipples the pop out again. As her whole body quivers, I swear I can feel the orgasm starting, once I touch your cervix I draw back quickly and begin a fast rhythm that Kathryn is begging for. Her mind constantly saying, (fuck me, fuck me fuck me now make me cum. Fuck me, make me cum, fuck me.)About Kathryn’s eighth powerful orgasm I feel my balls tighten to the point where I can no longer hold back, if it was not for Kathryn helping me hold back I would not been able to anywhere near that point. Kathryn’s and my climax seemed to synchronize, both are bodies entered orgasm and I sprayed my seed deep into Kathryn’s open cervix and into the womb that belongs to my children. Kathryn screams and shakes feeling the hot cum shooting into her. “YES, OH YYYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”I roll with Kathryn until she lays on my chest. Our breathing eventually slows and Kathryn lifts her face to look into mine. We both say simultaneously, “I needed that.” We immediately begin laughing. Her body has not even pushed my semi-hard cock from it. The feel of her laughter on my chest runs through my body and my cock immediately begins to harden. The feel of my harden cock causes Kathryn to raise her hips and lower them. Kathryn in control begins to move quicker, she is practically slamming herself down onto the base of my cock. This is just a straightforward fuck trying to make herself orgasm fast. I help her out by pushing in my energy, into her G spot, her clit, and every time I contact it her cervix. In less than two minutes, Kathryn is screaming her pleasure from a massive orgasm. When it subsides, she falls forward sweating and panting. Allowing Kathryn to catch her breath I run my hands crossed her sweating body. Playing with her beautiful ass, she groans as my cock twitches inside of her. Once Kathryn regained her breath I roll her onto her back, and say, “That was fun, and you can use me like that anytime.”Giggling as she looks into my face from the bed Kathryn says, “I am going to hold you to that promise.”I give her a kiss and say, “It will be my pleasure to make sure you do take advantage of that promise.” Kathryn giggles and pulls me down for a kiss. We lay there holding each other basking in the afterglow, Kathryn raises up looks into my eyes.Kathryn shares her thoughts. (JJ making love to you is the best thing in the world for me. I love you so very much. I will give you my body anytime you need it. Because I plan to take your body anytime, I need it. I will do anything to make you happy. I never want to lose what we can do too, I do not know why or how we can share our thoughts, our feelings, our senses, but we can and I do not want to lose that.)(Kathryn we are so connected, perhaps that is how. I never want to lose this closeness. I never want anything to come between us. I am not willing to risk what we have, I love you and I want to share every moment, every feeling, and every sensation with you.)Kathryn lays her head on my chest for a moment, I can feel the love radiating like sunshine from her, warm and inviting like on a chilly winter’s day when you walk in front of a window, you just want to linger in the warm glow. I want to share it, allow it to flow back to her from me. Kathryn moans, “Oh yes, it feels so good, I feel like your love surrounds me.”Kissing her passionately until we need air, in between breaths I say, “Yours surrounds me too.”We continue making love for as long as our bodies can withstand. I finally rolled Kathryn with me until she is on my chest again. Sleep takes us in the wee hours of the morning.I awake to a feeling of warm liquid running down my ribs, and I have a great urgency to pee. Carefully getting out from underneath Kathryn, but I still do not avoid waking her, I run to the bathroom and pee as Kathryn follows me down the hallway giggling as she comes. As soon as I have finished, and placed the seat down Kathryn pees as well. I cannot help but notice how her nipples again drip. My cock becomes hard just watching them.To my annoyance, I hear the doorbell from downstairs; all my family has a key the doorbell is probably just to warn us they are coming in. From our bedroom doorway, I hear Misty call as Amanda cries. Kathryn wipes herself quickly and without hesitation, mother’s instinct outweighs her modesty, walks back into our bedroom to get our crying daughter. Misty giggles but I swear I hear Marshall gasp. I hear Marshall’s footsteps quickly retreat. Misty says, “You are really going to have to give me your secret to getting that flat stomach back.”Kathryn says, “Come over tomorrow morning, I will take you through the katas, and we will do some laps in the pool. That is all I have been doing and watch what I eat.”Misty laughing says, “You do not know how this one wants to nurse, I would not be here if Marshall had not dropped your milk.”I wrap a towel around myself, once I had my excitement back under control. I walk straight into our closet, hopefully I was unseen by Misty, but Kathryn giggling let me know I was unsuccessful. I grab a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt. After walking to Kathryn, I caress Amanda’s thigh and got her to look at me. Without releasing Kathryn’s nipple, she smiles for her Daddy.Giggling Kathryn says, “Amanda you are just in time to keep your Daddy from stealing your breakfast.” I blushed heavily causing Misty to laugh at Kathryn’s comment in my distress.It seems like when you feed one baby, the others get hungry too. Misty has her breast out and MJ has it in his mouth suckling hard. I chuckle before I excuse myself and say, “I will go down and find Marshall, and it has been too long since we had a game of pool.”I hear Kathryn’s thoughts, (you sure, that is all you want to do is play pool?)I reply mentally to my Love’s question. (Your instincts overrode your modesty, Marshall poor man is suffering as I was yesterday. Running from the room was his best course of action.)Kathryn says, “I am going to let Misty in on our little discovery.”As I walked down the stairs, the two giggle and I hear aghast from Misty. I inquire mentally. (What did you just tell Misty?)Kathryn responds in kind. (I just told her last night you drank my milk, all of my milk. She asked about you stealing Amanda’s breakfast. I told her how enjoyable it is to have sex and let you nurse.)